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amsterdam in a day, how to commute from schiphol to amsterdam central

4 Tips for Avoiding Injuries While Traveling

Having the opportunity to travel is one of the greatest thrills in life. This gives you the chance to visit any city in the world that you’ve always dreamt of. This includes getting to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, experience a new culture, try new food, and just be enriched in your surroundings. Traveling is no doubt one of the best gifts that you can ever...

best accommodation thailand

How To Choose The Best Accommodation In Thailand

Featured Image Link (CC0 License) Choosing where to stay in Thailand is a difficult task. To begin, you have to figure out which area to stay in. Most will opt for the Bangkok area, while others prefer the slightly more peaceful Chiang Mai. Of course, you also have the different islands and all they have to offer. Once you’ve settled on where you’ll stay...

How to Visit Any City in the World

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence When you visit any city in the world, you are likely to be quickly overwhelmed by everything that’s going on – especially if you are used to living in a quieter, smaller area. The number of people, the number of buildings and the assault of your senses is enough to put most people off but if you know how to approach a new city...