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island hopping tour c in el nido helicopter island, star beach, secret beach

El Nido Tour C: Explore Helicopter Island, Star Beach, Secret Beach

This post was most recently updated on January 4th, 2018

Tour C of El Nido island hopping tours is the next most popular to Tour A. This includes island-hopping to Helicopter Island and Matinloc Island and its white sand beaches, coral reefs, hidden beaches.

Helicopter Island

Don’t get wrong with its name. By just looking its shape from a distance, you would know why the Dilumacad Island or also known as Helicopter island is named. The helicopter-like without propeller island is ideal for swimming and snorkeling for its crystal-clear waters.

rocks and blue water of helicopter island in el nido
The first stop of our El Nido Island Hopping Tour C, Helicopter Island.
blue sky blue beach in helicopter island el nido
Swimming and snorkeling ready. Just be careful when walking on the stones .
sexy girl in bikini in el nido palawan
“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others.”
helicopter island el nido
Trying to look like a candid shot.

Hidden Beach

Hidden between two large rock formation is a strip of white sand beach.Before you reach the hidden beach, you’ll have to swim or walk a waist to knee deep for five minutes. Another passage to the island is the small chamber on the left side.

big rocks of hidden beach el nido palawan
The view of Hidden Beach as seen from the inside.
turquoise color water of hidden beach
Soaking in the turquoise water of the Hidden Beach.

big rocks of hidden beach el nido palawan

big rocks of hidden beach el nido palawan

Star or Talisay Beach

Just like the Shimizu Island of the tour A, Star beach is another fantastic snorkeling spot. You can enjoy first the deep-water wonders while your guides are preparing your lunch.

lunch at star beach el nido
Boats stop here in Star Beach to prepare for the guests lunch.
shimizu island lunch el nido
Posing at the side of our boat while waiting for lunch to be served.

Secret Beach

Boats will stop in front of huge rocks and limestones only until then you will see the opening to the Secret Beach. In order to get inside, you have to swim through a narrow gap. Not much activities inside but you get to enjoy the view surrounded by tall, dark limestones.

secret beach el nido palawan rocks and crowd
The sharp corals of Secret Beach that it requires for the tourists to swim rather than walk upon entering.
many people swimming in secret beach el nido palawan
We don’t care about the crowd. We just want to take photos. haha!
foreign tourists italian french american in secret beach el nido palawan
International Friends Day. haha! 2 Filipinos, 2 Italians, 2 French, and 1 American.

Matinloc Shrine

Known as Shrine of the Blessed Virgin, a sacred monument built over 30 years ago is a best spot to take a picture of the aerial view of the sea. Due to privatization, the owner of this island now charges a 100 peso entrance fee. However, tourists can still enjoy snorkeling on the other side of the island.

matinloc shrine el nido palawan
Matinloc Shrine from a distant. Entrance fee is at 100 pesos due to the privatization of the island.
matinloc shrine el nido palawan
Matinloc Shrine on a different angle.

Don’t know what to do in El Nido Palawan? Here’s an extensive travel guide to make the best out of your 4 Days and 3 Night in El Nido. Learn more about the island-hopping tours destinations, on what islands to choose from. See the beautiful lagoons of El Nido, Palawan. Book yourself an island hopping tour A. Or give yourself a laid back feels in the powdery-white sands of tour C with lots of snorkeling sites. You have the option to do combination of tours, too!

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