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ultimate travel guide, advices and tips to burias island in masbate

Burias Island: Your Travel Guides, Tips & Advice, Best Travel Information

This post was most recently updated on January 4th, 2018

With its archipelagic state and diverse features, Philippines offers numerous world-class beaches with fine white sand and pristine blue water such as Boracay, El Nido, Siargao and the like. These beaches, however, are already populous especially during the summer season. You will also have to spend on expensive hotel reservation fees and exclusive tour packages when you want to go to these popular destinations. On the other hand, if you really want to experience and see a place that also features a majestic scenery, to swim in unspoiled crystal clear beaches, to just chill under the sun, and to lay down in white sand under a sea of stars, Burias Island is, without a doubt, the perfect place to be! It is indeed a paradise where you can actually escape from city stress, relax and enjoy the calmness of the ocean by just appreciating such God-given beauty.

Burias Island, located in the Town of San Pascual, is one of the three major islands of Masbate Province. The island is surrounded by the following bodies of water – Ragay Gulf, Burias Pass and Sibuyan Sea which make fishery a main livelihood to the communities.  Since Burias is a new spot to be explored by travelers, the local tourism has been fast growing ever since. It has become an alternative source of livelihood for the fishermen. The usual tour, offered by local fishermen, covers five (5) main islets which are visited by the tourists:

  1. Animasola Island

Animasola Island is one of the major destinations in Burias Island. It is a tiny islet located at Northern east side of San Pascual. You can circle and go around the island in just a few minutes. The unique features of the islet are its rock formations besides the fact that the shore of the beach is white sand with tiny rocks. However, you may want to walk the shore with slippers on since during the summer season, the heat is intense that the sand can actually hurt your bare feet.

big rock formations in animasola island, burias group of island in masbate
Animasola Island looking very similar to an icing on a cake.
rock formations in animasola island in burias masbate
This place is comparable to Biri Island in Samar.
big rock formations in animasola island, burias group of island in masbate
Cause we rock.
local boat in the shore in the blue waters of animasola island masbate
Boatsmen are patiently waiting while you’re touring around the island.

local boat in the shore in the blue waters of animasola island masbate

rock formations in san pascual, animasola island in masbate
Those tall rock formations.

local boat in the shore in the blue waters of animasola island masbate

rock formations in animasola island in burias masbate
Probably the most Instagram worthy place in Animasola Island.
rock formations in animasola island in burias masbate
We do love rock climbing!

rock formations in animasola island in burias masbate

blue sea with rock formations

rock formations in animasola island in burias masbate
  1. Snake Island or Islang Dapa

Snake Island is the second main attraction that has also distinct features than the latter. Its name came from the fishermen’s local knowledge that the islet is surrounded by sea snakes. On the other hand, this island is also called Islang Dapa because it is a flat island with rough platform. One should be careful when going to the top area of this island since the actual platform has sharp edges that may possibly cut your skin. Because the islet is elevated, one of the main activities here, and if you’re brave enough, is to cliff dive but make sure that you wear your life vest if you don’t know how to swim.

cliff diving in snake island in burias group of islands
Are you ready to jump?
rock climbing in snake island in burias
Some kind of rock climbing before cliff diving in Snake Island.
  1. Tinalisayan Island/Sand Bar

Tinalisayan Island, found in the east off-coast of San Pascual, is one of the most awaited destinations in the whole Burias Island experience due to its special feature, the “Sand Bar”. The sedimentary boulder which appears during low tides and forms a sand bar is a long-stretched platform of pure white sand. Adding up to the beauty of Tinalisayan is the crystalline waters that surround the said islet.

white sandbar of Tinalisayan Island
Boats are parked in this area.
landscape photo of tinalisayan island with coconut tree, blue water and sky
This is how serene the Tinalisayan Island.
tinalisayan island coconut trees and tents
God’s perfect creation.
white sandbar of Tinalisayan Island
White sandbar of Tinalisayan Island.
tent pitching under coconut trees in tinalisayan island masbate
Tent pitching is also possible in this island.
cliff diving in the clear blue waters of tinalisayan island
Well if you want, cliff diving is possible also here.
tinalisayan island coconut trees
There’s no place like Tinalisayan Island where you can eat a hotdog peacefully.
tinalisayan landscape photo with boat, coconut tree and rock chair
Best place to swim.
zen stones in tinalisayan island masbate
Zen stones.
gopro shot in water in tinalisayan island in burias masbate
Shot using GoPro in the waters of TInalisayan Island.

gopro shot in water in tinalisayan island in burias masbate

  1. Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island, famous for its shape that resembles a hat, is usually the last stop for day one of the Burias Tour. Since the island is privately-owned and has the largest land area among the islands of Burias, it is considered as the hub of overnight travelers. The island has several bahay kubo which you can rent for 2500 per night and cottages for as low as 700 php. You may also choose to bring your own tent and pay for a much cheaper price. You can do so much activities in this islet – unlimited swimming, star gazing, lighting a bonfire, and all night chitchat with your friends.

island looks similar to a hat with clear blue water of sumbrero island, burias island group in masbate

nipa hut in sombrero island

boodle fight buffet meal in island with friends
Enjoying the buffet meal before going home.

nipa hut cottage in burias sombrero island


  1. Alibijaban Island

Alibijaban Island, located in the southwestern end of Ragay Gulf is a low-lying island that has unbelievable variety of bird species and is surrounded with a diverse marine habitat.  It is, perhaps, part of the tour itinerary because it showcases abundant mangrove trees that cover the island. Unlike the four islets mentioned, Alibijaban is not a part of San Pascual, Masbate but of San Andres, Quezon. The coastal formations the island features are white sand with rocky shores, and a bluish green sea water.

white sandbar in alibijaban island in san andres quezon
Sandbar started to hide.
mangrove trees in alibijaban islan in san andres quezon
Mangrove trees.
high school friends in the sandbar of alibijaban island in san andres quezon
First ever trip with them after college.

white sandbar in alibijaban island in san andres quezon


  • Best time to go to Burias Island is during the dry season (February to June).
  • Bring a blanket or a plastic to be used as a “sapin” when you want to lay down for star gazing activity in Sombrero Island.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Be sure to secure cash when going to Burias since there are no available ATMs in any of the above-mentioned islands.
  • Bring snacks since the small sari-sari stores in some islands offer limited food items and are a little bit pricey.
  • Enjoy your summer vacation in Burias Island with your family, friends or someone very near and dear to your heart!


If you want to travel to Burias Island DIY style, you can take a bus from Manila to Naga. There are already available jeepneys from Naga terminal to Pasacao Port, Camarines Sur – the usual jump off point going to Burias Island. The first trip starts at 5:30 AM, and the fare costs about 50-70 pesos one way. When you reach Pasacao Port, a public boat can be ridden going to Burias Island. The boat departs at these times: 7 AM, 10 AM and 2 PM.


If you choose to travel with less hassle, a tour package offered by tour agencies is highly recommended for you. Moreover, it is more convenient to avail a tour package if you’ll be travelling with friends. You might want to try AstroKidd Travel and Tours – Burias Island Tour Package. For an overnight camping-style stay that will cost you only 2,500 php per pax, AstroKidd Travel and Tours offers a 2D1N travel tour package which includes the following:


  • Land transfer (Manila to San Andres, Quezon to manila)
  • Fuel, toll-fee, parking, driver’s fee and driver’s accommodation
  • Environmental fee, permit and taxes
  • Tent accommodation
  • Boat fee
  • Terminal fee
  • Entrance fees

On the other hand, food and other amenities are not included in the package. You may opt to bring your own food (preferably canned goods) and cooking utilities, or avail “paluto-buffet style” that will cost you around 150 php per meal. The overnight stay will be in Sombrero Island where there is a limited source of light.


Below is a sample itinerary to Burias Island which is provided by AstroKidd Travel and Tours:

(0 day)

09:00 pm Pick up @ Caltex gasoline station in front of trinoma mall

10:30 pm Pick up @ mall of asia north side open parking

11:00 pm Departure time going to san andres quezon

1st day

06:00 am Time of arrival at San andres, Quezon

07:00 am Breakfast at Jamasta Resort (guest own account) Optional

08:00 am Time of arrival at Island of Snake Island/ Dampa Island

10:00 am Sumbrero Island

12:00 nn Lunch (guest own account) Optional

01:00 pm Aminasola Island

02:00 pm Tinalisayan Island and sand bar

03:00 pm Back to Sumbrero Island and free time to swimming

07:00 pm Dinner (guest own account) Optional

2nd day

07:00 am Breakfast (guest own account) Optional

08:00 am Start of Island tours

Templo Island and versa Island

10:00 am Back to Sombrero Island

11:00 am Lunch (guest own account) Optional

12:00 nn Back to San Andres, Quezon

02:00 pm Back to manila

09:00 pm Time of arrival manila

The Outcast Journey highly recommends you to avail of the tour package that Astrokidd Travel and Tours offers because of the fact that the driver/guide assigned is very much accommodating based on the services included in the package. You may inquire and reach them through these contact details: 09959762344 09177173448/ 09173024506/ smart 09985438451/sun and viber 09255860110 or (046) 5068146, astrokiddtravel@gmail.com and www.facebook.com/astrokiddtour.

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